Over The Edge (1979)

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A group of bored teenagers rebel against authority in the community of New Granada, Colorado after a police officer shoots and kills one of them.

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The summary below contains spoilers.
Over The Edge (1979)Over The Edge takes place in the perfect planned community of New Granada, Colorado. Perfect in every way but one… they never planned to give their children anything productive to do. Carl, Richie, and Claude, and his little brother struggle to grow up in New Granada. When not at school, they hang out at the Rec. There they can shoot pool, drink alcohol, and/or buy drugs.

The film begins with Mark Perry and a friend shooting out a car window from a freeway overpass. When they flee the police, it’s Carl and Richie whom Officer Doberman arrests.

Officer Doberman calls Carl’s father, Fred, to get him when the boys refuse to tell him who shot the police car. Fred’s a well meaning and hard working guy, but he doesn’t understand Carl’s struggles.

Meanwhile, HOA President, Jerry Cole, gets some wealthy Texas entrepreneurs to visit New Granada in hopes they will invest in an industrial park. Unfortunately for the kids of New Granada, that land is the same spot as a proposed bowling alley.

Back at school, the kids are scuttled into the cafeteria where officials lecture them on the police car shooting. Carl takes the time to smile at the little hottie, Cory, whom he’d like to hook up with.

Later that night, Carl, Richie, and Claude go to a house party where Mark makes out with Cory. Mark confronts Carl, and tells him to never mention his name to the cops. After the police break up the party, Mark and his buddy jump Carl as he walks home alone to teach him a lesson.

The next day, the Texans visit New Granada, and Jerry has the Rec shut down to make the town look better. Things go awry when Officer Doberman arrests Claude, and the kids stage a mini riot. Richie and Carl flee, and soon come upon Cory and her friend.

The two girls just robbed a home where they stole a gun. They plan to have a “picnic” the next day to shoot the gun. As Carl returns home, he spots the Texans at his house and he boobytraps their car’s engine with firecrackers. When the men go to leave the next day, the firecrackers go off; ruining both the car and the town’s chances to get the Texans to invest in this perfect community.

Claude gets out of jail, and he, his brother, Carl, Richie, and the girls go to Claude’s dealer Tip’s house. They scare him with the gun, and toss him into the lake that his balcony overlooks. Tip’s mom spots the kids, and scares them off.

When Carl returns to school, he learns that Tip’s mom has identified them, and he and Richie leave school with plans to run away. They steal Richie’s mom’s Ford Bronco, and hightail it out of town. Officer Doberman spots the boys, and a high-speed pursuit ensues. Doberman shoots and kills Richie after the Bronco crashes and flips. Carl runs away to his secret hiding spot. Cory shows up, and fourteen-year-old sleeping bag sex is implied.

The school calls a special PTA meeting to discuss the shooting, but Carl rallies the kids at the Rec, and they all go to the meeting. There, they lock their parents in the school, and destroy cars and buildings and property until police backup arrives.

Officer Doberman takes one of their cars, and arrests Carl. As he takes Carl to jail, they drive by the Rec. Mark is there with a shotgun, and he shoots the grill of the car. Officer Doberman loses control, and he crashes into the Rec.

With Officer Doberman unconscious in the front seat, Carl steals his handcuff keys and unlocks himself from the car. The police car and Rec then explode in a big fireball; killing Doberman instantly.

The next day, Carl, Mark, and a slew of kids board a bus where they are taken to the Hill; the perfect town’s perfect juvenile detention center.

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Orion Pictures released Over The Edge on July 7, 1979. Jonathan Kaplan directed the film starring Matt Dillon, Michael Eric Kramer, and Pamela Ludwig.

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