Movie House Concessions

Pee-wee’s Big Holiday (2016)

Episode #3

Directed by: John Lee
Starring: Paul Reubens, Jordan Black, and Doug Cox

Pee-wee’s Big Holiday Movie Summary

Pee-wee Herman is a lifetime resident of Fairville, USA, and he leads a very ordinary life. One day at work at Dan’s Diner, he meets Joe Manganiello, and a bromance of epic proportions begins. Joe invites Pee-wee to go on his first vacation ever to visit him on his birthday in New York City.

In the first town Pee-wee comes to after he leaves Fairville, he gets kidnapped by three female bank robbers, and they force him to drive them away from the crime scene. The women steal his car the next morning at the hotel they are hiding out in, and leave Pee-wee there to rot. Pee-wee is undaunted, and decides to hitchhike it across America to get to the Big Apple.

Along the way, Pee-wee meets a traveling salesman, a farmer with nine voluptuous and virginal daughters, the aviator Penny King, and the Amish. After all that, Pee-wee arrives in New York City, but falls down a well just before arriving to Joe’s birthday party.

Will Pee-wee survive the ordeal? Only if you say today’s secret word!

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