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Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)Plan 9 from Outer Space begins with an old man mourning the loss of his wife at a cemetery. As an airplane flies overhead, a mysterious light blinds its pilots. The light is coming from a nearby flying saucer which lands in the same aforementioned cemetery below. Suddenly, the old man’s dead wife kills two grave diggers, but don’t call her a zombie. She’s a ghoul.

Later, a car hits and kills the still grieving old man when he doesn’t pay attention to where he’s walking. At his funeral, mourners discover the gravediggers bodies, and they call in the cops.

The cops arrive, and point their guns at everything like unloaded props. Inspector Clay goes off looking for clues.

Meanwhile, Pilot Jeff, who of course lives near the cemetery, tells his wife about seeing the UFO in the plane. A sudden burst of wind knocks the two to the ground as well as everyone at the cemetery.

The female ghoul AND her now dead husband kill Inspector Clay. Back in Washington DC, we see Col. Edwards lead a battalion of stock footage against three flying saucers. Colonel Edwards learns the flying saucers have already decimated one small town. The government orders him to San Fernando, California where the latest attacks are taking place.

Meanwhile, at Space Station 7, we learn of the alien’s absurd plan, Plan 9, to destroy the Earth. The aliens will resurrect recently dead humans to keep our planet from creating a weapon greater than a hydrogen bomb; one that will destroy the whole universe.

The alien’s ruler meets the three resurrected humans , and he inspects them. Inspector Clay nearly strangles to death Eros, the leader of the alien project. The Ruler approves the plan, and orders everyone back to Cali.

Back in California, we see the police and Colonel Edwards interview Pilot Jeff and his wife. The old man ghoul attacks the group, but Eros’ ray gun from the spaceship shoots him. His body immediately decomposes for some reason, so, everyone heads off to the cemetery to figure it all out.

Once there, the group sees the glow of the flying saucer off into the distance. Pilot Jeff, Colonel Edwards, and Lieutenant Harper head off to confront the aliens. Eros, for some reason, lets the men into the spaceship with their weapons. He then proceeds to whine to the men how human’s are close to discovering Solaronite; a material that causes sunlight molecules to explode. That explosion will set off a chain reaction that will explode the whole universe. Therefore, the resurrected dead killing off humanity is the only solution.

Pilot Jeff fights Eros and a fire breaks out on the UFO. He knocks out Eros, and our three heroes escape. Eros’ assistant, the lovely Tanna, gets the flaming saucer to take off before exploding in the air. No longer under alien control, the female ghoul and Inspector Clay decompose to skeletons, and we have a happy ending.

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