Pretty in Pink (1986)

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In Pretty in Pink, unpopular high-school senior Duckie has a huge crush on his best friend and equally unpopular classmate, Andie. Of course, she only sees them as friends, which frustrates Duckie to no end. However, one day when a rich boy, who also happens to be Andie’s long-time crush, Blane, takes an interest in her, life gets complicated. Blane has a bunch of equally rich (and terribly snobby) buddies that think Andie is beneath Blane. Additionally, Duckie is super jealous of his new rival even though Blane seems genuinely interested in Andie. Who will get the girl in this ’80s love triangle?

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‘Pretty in Pink’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains many spoilers and feeble attempts at humor.
Pretty in Pink Movie PosterAndie Walsh is the pretty in pink girl, played by 80’s icon Molly Ringwald, who is intelligent and has a lot going for her except for her address and her home life. Andie’s Mother deserted her family a couple of years before. Probably because she realized she was married to Jack, a dirty Repo Man played Harry Dean Stanton. Jack is in a constant state of depression and is unable to hold a job. But so that his character is not without any redeeming qualities, he is still a loving Father and confidante to Andie.

There is a large divide at Andie’s school. No, not between the gingers and the normal people as you might think, but between the haves and the have-nots. The two groups are not integrated and do not get along, with the have-nots relegated to the school courtyard, while the haves are free to prance around the air-conditioned school hallways.

Andie catches the eye of Blane with her “soccer-mom-in-her-thirties” dress style. Blane, played by Andrew McCarthy, comes from the wealthy clique, but still drives a crappy car. Andie is hesitant to start a relationship with Blane because she lives on the wrong side of the tracks. Literally. They even show the tracks. Oh, and she likes to wear pink and apparently she looks pretty in it. The metaphors in this film are not just metaphors, they literally define the characters.

Andie has no shortage of friends. She has a loyal pal and ardent admirer in Duckie, played by Jon Cryer pre Alan Harper. Additionally, Andie works at a record store. For the benefit of our younger listeners, like young Matthew, a record store was what iTunes used to be in the old days, except it was an actual building and smelled like incense. Andie’s boss at the record store is Iona, played by Annie Potts. Iona is eccentric and likes to assault and degrade her customers. Much like employees at Denny’s do.

Blane eventually works up the courage to ask Andie out, and Andie, although very interested, reluctantly agrees. Andie is leery of Blane’s friends, especially his best friend Steff, played by that Blacklister James Spader. Andie has repeatedly turned down Steff’s advances because he is a sleaze with money; and Steff believes that Andie is stuck-up trailer trash because she didn’t simply swoon to his rich boy advances.

Andie and Blane’s first date is beyond awkward. First, Blane is late. But let’s be honest. It takes time to look that pretty, even for a man. Next, they try to attend a party at Steff’s house that looks more like a Frat party. Blane’s friends, sensing that something is amiss, are quite rude to Andie. The new couple then decides to pop into a club Andie hangs out at and Duckie, with his wounded un-gay ego, makes an unwelcoming scene. To make the date even more awkward, there is a cameo by Andrew Dice Clay as a bouncer, playing himself. What acting!

After what could only be described as a miserable first date, Andie tells Blane that she just wants to go home. When he asks where she lives so he can take her home, she freaks out and refuses to tell him, stating that she doesn’t want him to see where she lives. Blane is confused, and a little dim. But that is how Andie likes her men. So, the two agree to give a relationship a chance despite the odds.

Their next date is more successful and Blane sends Andie to cloud nine by asking her to prom. Andie’s Father is excited for her and buys her a second hand dress that she is able to cut up and make into a fashion statement. She will be the hottest soccer mom at the high school prom.

However, the forces of evil are at work. Steff criticizes Blane for dating Andie. And since Blane is a little dim, he begins to doubt his feelings for Andie. He avoids Andie at school and refuses her phone calls. Once again, for our younger viewers, there were no cell phones in the 80’s, so when a woman wanted to stalk you she couldn’t just text you or call your cell phone; she had to talk the boy’s parents on the “home phone.”

When Andie eventually confronts Blane, he reneges on their prom date, stating that he forget that he asked someone else, which may be true because Blane is more than a little dim. Andie is hurt and angry.

Andie resolves to “not let them break her” and decides to make an appearance at the prom anyway. Ducky (remember him) comes to the rescue and escorts Andie into the ballroom, despite the fact that she dropped him like a hot potato around the half way point in the film.

Blane has been sitting miserably at a table alone listening to the longest prom song ever, “If You Leave”, by OMD. He sees Andy as she enters with Duckie. He approaches her, apologizes, and tells her that he loves her, “always”, kisses her cheek, and leaves. It is quite romantic, in a John Hughes, 80’s teen comedy like way. Duckie, who apparently has done a complete character change, encourages Andy to go after him. She catches him in the parking lot and they kiss passionately as the movie fades to a happy ending.

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Paramount Pictures released Pretty in Pink on February 28, 1986. Howard Deutch directed the film starring Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, Harry Dean Stanton.

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