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Psycho (1960)

Episode #12

Paramount Pictures released Psycho to theaters on September 8, 1960. Alfred Hitchcock directed the film starring Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, and Vera Miles.

‘Psycho’ Movie Summary

In Psycho, Marion Crane works in an office building in Phoenix, Arizona, and she’s sick of the daily grind of life. She can not marry her boyfriend Sam because all his money goes towards alimony. However, one fateful Friday, Marion’s boss tasks her to deposit $40,000 in the bank. She takes this opportunity to steal the dough, and start a new life. She quickly hightails it out of state, and heads to Sam’s California store. On the long drive, Marion finds herself caught in a storm, and pulls off the main highway where she finds the Bates Motel. It looks like a nice place to stay for the night. Unfortunately, a quiet young man named Norman manages the place, and his mother seems to be driving him crazy. Marion better watch out, or she might not ever be the same.

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Paramount Pictures released Psycho to theaters on September 8, 1960. Alfred Hitchcock directs the film which stars Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, and Vera Miles.

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  1. You guys talking about the sanitary factors in the movie had me laughing at loud at my desk. Them not washing their hands after sticking it in the toilet. So funny. One of my fave movies. I also played it at a girl’s night party. We were all older, but it was still intense.

    1. This is a great movie that never gets old for me! Now, let’s see if Rihanna can pull off the shower scene in the ‘Bates Motel’ finale.

        1. Joking about it being one of the best of all time. It is a classic and one that I can watch anytime.

          1. Haven’t watched show, feel it will probably be too much for me, but them redoing shower scene and Rihanna being the new Janet Leigh saddens me. Oh well

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