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Rad (1986)

Episode #96

Tristar Pictures released Rad to theaters on March 21, 1986; grossing $2M worldwide. Hal Needham directed the bike flick which starred Bart Conner, Lori Loughlin, and Bill Allen.

‘Rad’ Movie Summary

Rad is the story of a Cru Jones. He’s a small town guy who delivers newspapers and has fun with his friends— all of whom are amateur BMX bike riders. One day, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes along for him to compete in a race which mixed amateurs with professionals. Cru jumps at the chance to qualify. Once there, he meets Christian, a female semi-pro BMX racer who rides for Mongoose. While Cru falls in love with the girl, he blows off his SATs to qualify for a Helltrack. Putting it all on the line to win something amazing unites his small town against sinister corporate flunkeys. Cru overcomes the odds to show everyone what true passion really means.

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TriStar Pictures released Rad on March 21, 1986. Hal Needham directed film starring Bart Conner, Lori Loughlin, and Bill Allen.

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Sam Bernard
4 years ago

Just ran across this podcast. As the writer & co-producer of RAD I agree with a lot of your criticism. The original script was darker and edgy. It was about a young guy trying to make as much trouble as possible so he would get left back and not have to graduate and go on to college as he sucked at academics and feared moving on. Sort of an issue a lot people went thru. While causing all that trouble he found out about Helltrack which was originally set in a big city a few hundred miles away which he schemed to travel to. Anyway, they made me change it to what it was and as a 24 year-old first time writer I couldn’t win any argument. (except when the director wanted Snuff Garret to do the music, I think I threatened suicide). Let me clear up one big point of your podcast: The approved budget was $3m. It came in $400k under so the actual cost was $2.6 and change. Also, Tristar Pictures released the film. Universal had nothing to do with it. Thanks reviewing it, I get a kick out these.

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