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Roxanne (1987)

Episode #128

Columbia Pictures Corporation released Roxanne to theaters on June 19, 1987. Fred Schepisi directed the film which starred Steve Martin, Daryl Hannah, and Rick Rossovich.

‘Roxanne’ Movie Summary

The Steve Martin-written “Roxanne” is a romantic-comedy remake of the French classic “Cyrano de Bergerac” story. Steve Martin plays Charlie “C.D.” Bales, the small town fire chief that not only has a huge heart and a huge IQ, but a nose the size of Rhode Island. When any bully makes fun of him, CD shows them a huge right hook to defend himself.

Although CD is a Renaissance man to end the Renaissance, he is overlooked in the game of love by all women leading him to become the town’s real-life selfless superhero, albeit a celibate and lonely one. His volunteer fire department is stuffed full of inept town characters who not only are unable to put out fires they start themselves inside the fire station, they also set themselves on fire when attempting to put those same fires out.

CD’s best friend, Dixie, has rented a large home to a gorgeous rocket scientist/astronomer named Roxanne, played by the dazzling Daryl Hannah. CD comes to the heroic and acrobatic aid of Roxanne and he is immediately smitten by her very obvious charms on full display. At the local bar, CD is challenged to a fight by a thug who makes fun of his huge nose in front of all CD’s friends. But instead of fighting him, CD chooses to insult the bully by telling 20-something jokes about HIS nose.

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Columbia Pictures Corporation released Roxanne to theaters on June 19, 1987. Fred Schepisi directed the film which starred Steve Martin, Daryl Hannah, and Rick Rossovich.

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  1. Since Bobby and Chris have revealed their top film of all time this year, I wonder if any of the others will also do so this year.

      1. Patrick says Dances with Wolves is his number one, and Shane A is on the record of the Breakfast Club as his number one. I do not know Lori or Matt’s.

          1. We spoke about that this week and Patrick said he hasn’t come up with a new #1 since Dances With Wolves but it doesn’t have Harrison Ford in it, which knocks out Indiana Jones and Empire Strikes Back so I guess we have to stay tuned… :-)

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