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Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Episode #134

Paramount Pictures released Saturday Night Fever to theaters on December 16, 1977. John Badham directed the film starring John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller.

‘Saturday Night Fever’ Movie Summary

Meet Tony Manero. He’s an Uber-arrogant 19-year-old Italian kid from Brooklyn. He’s got a walk that makes women swoon, a perfectly blow-dried head of hair, and a dead end job at a hardware store selling paint to old ladies.

On weekends, he and his buddies dance it up at 2001 Odyssey, the local disco watering hole and strip club. While Tony may not have a penny to his name, he’s the sexiest dancer on the Christmas-lit dance floor. All the ladies want to dance and have sex with him, but not necessarily in that order.

In between dance practices and showing off at the club, Tony and buddies fight rival gangs (although his buddy, Bobby, pusses out). However, they do bang loose women in the back of Bobby’s car, but only for ten minutes at a time. Going longer wouldn’t be fair to the other guys when it’s their turn; women’s feelings be damned!

Tony’s big brother, who’s a lousy actor, brought shame on the entire family when he quit the priesthood. Although his brother’s big speech telling us why he quit was cut from the movie, you don’t miss anything because that actor can’t act his way out of a paper bag.

Tony asks his on-again/mostly off-again girlfriend, Annette, to practice for the upcoming dance contest. But during one of the practice sessions, he spots the sexy, equally arrogant and uglier Manhattan-wannabe, Stephanie, and decides she’s a better partner…and we’re not just talking dance partner.

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Paramount Pictures released Saturday Night Fever to theaters on December 16, 1977. John Badham directed the film starring John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller.

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    1. Hi Eddie. Thanks for asking. I grew up listening to the amazing soundtrack but didn’t actually see the movie until I was older. I was surprised by how dark it is but I am a fan. I love the music, dancing, and performances, It is an interesting story. Are you a fan?

      1. Hi Lori, I own the DVD so yes I am a fan. Though I do acknowledge it’s faults. It’s funny that they released a PG version, that sort of seems to miss the point. Patrick is unduly harsh on it(it often seems like he never can just dislike a film, but has to actively hate it :)

        1. I don’t actively hate films, most films I dislike I just don’t think about at all. However, when I am called to talk about them, I will be detailed in what I don’t like about them. Look at the films that I love (i.e. The Searchers, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Seven Samurai, etc.) You will find that I am just as detail oriented with them in my “like” for the film.

  1. I loved Shane’s ‘a word from our sponsors’ big collars!! So true for the fashion of the day – I was there!!!! Not to mention body shirts (yuck) !!

      1. I don’t believe so. The body shirts I’m thinking of were made for men in Stretchy T shirt material and hugged to the body – not a pretty site!

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