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Stagecoach (1939)Stagecoach begins in 1880. A prostitute, an alcoholic, a whiskey salesman, a pregnant woman, an escaped criminal, a shady southern gentleman, and a bank embezzler join a local sheriff and jolly stagecoach driver from Tonto in the Arizona territory through Apache country to Lordsburg, New Mexico.

Dallas, the whore, and Doc Boone, the alcoholic, are driven out of town by the uptight teetotaler brigade, and Lucy Mallory, who’s pregnant, is in search of her cavalry husband. Hatfield is such a gentleman, he tags along to protect Lucy from Indians, whores, and impolite society in general.

The meek Samuel Peacock wants nothing to do with the savages, but he sells whiskey, so you’d think they’d be his best clients. Henry Gatewood has just embezzled $50,000 from his own bank, and desperately wants to be in Lordsburg before anyone catches wind of what he’s done.

Midway in the journey, Buck and Marshal Wilcox stop and pick up Ringo, who’s recently escaped from jail to get revenge for his brother and father who’ve recently been murdered by three brothers. They are in Lordsburg, and Ringo needs help getting there after his horse turns lame. Wilcox arrests him and the journey continues.

Along the way, the stagecoach is dogged by Apache trying to kill them. At a rest stop outside of Lordsburg, Lucy gives birth to a baby girl, and Ringo asks Dallas to marry him.

They eventually make it to Lordsburg after a big gunfight against the Apache which leaves Hatfield dead, and Sam Peacock and Buck wounded. Gatewood is immediately arrested for embezzlement, and Ringo takes revenge for his family by killing the three brothers. He then rides off in the moonlight with his bride-to-be, Dallas after Marshall Wilcox looks the other way; allowing Ringo to escape for a happy ending.

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