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Teeth (2007)

Episode #30

Roadside Attractions released Teeth to theaters on April 3, 2008. Mitchell Lichtenstein directed the film starring Jess Weixler, John Hensley, and Josh Pais.

Teeth Movie Summary

In 2007’s Teeth, teenager Dawn O’Keefe is a spokesperson for the Promise — a Christian abstinence group. At one meeting, Dawn meets Tobey. While she thinks he is very attractive, Tobey is there to speak about purity rings the group’s members wear.

Dawn daydreams about marrying Tobey, and while he finds her attractive too, they can not spend anytime together due to their promise. However, teenage lust gets in the way, and the two meet at a local swimming hole. The water is chilly, so they go in a cave to warm up, and start making out.

Dawn becomes a bit uncomfortable from it, and wants to leave. Tobey is really getting into it, and becomes more assertive. Dawn pushes him away with her purity ring, but Tobey will have none of that stupid talk. He shakes her violently, and smacks her to the ground. While she’s in a daze, Tobey rapes Dawn.

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Roadside Attractions released Teeth to theaters on April 3, 2008. Mitchell Lichtenstein directs the film which stars Jess Weixler, John Hensley, and Josh Pais.

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