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The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990)Shock value comedian, actor, musician Andrew Dice Clay plays the all guns blazing character Ford Fairlane, known around the streets of LA as Rock & Roll Detective due to his specialty of working for high flying music industry clients.

His longtime friend, a popular, loud mouth offensive radio announcer is killed, but not before asking Ford to check in on a job to find his daughter he never knew he had from a one night stand.

It turns out the mother of the missing girl also contacts Ford to find her precious daughter.

Suspected to be a groupie, Ford tracks down the gum chewing individual, Zsu Zsu Petals; preventing her from becoming the biggest slut on the sunset strip through a series of mishaps and clues, but with absolutely no help from the local police chief who despises him.

A high end record producer is mixed up with the case, and three CD’s are the focus on all involved because they contain secrets certain blackmailers and fraudsters in the music industry do not want published.

Ford’s long suffering and slightly obsessed secretary, Jazz, assists and the three CD collection and along the way everyone wants to stop them both from revealing the truth behind the death of the lead singer of Black Plague; making them more popular now than when he was alive.

There are musical interludes, a car chase through a cemetery, a visit to an all girls college party house and a turn at a garden party event serving shark meat, while Freddy Krueger alumni Robert Englund plays the role of a sinister British psychopath to extremes, albeit little sense.

Add an admiring kid who lives nearby befriending Ford, asking him to locate his Father only to writes him off then connect again later. Focussing too much on plot in this film isn’t a priority.

An action movie, comedy, mystery set around the backdrop of retro Los Angeles.

The cult status of this VHS, beer drinking favorite is largely due to the full on offensive comedy routines of Dice. He’s a strong lead in a wild movie that probably would fly nowadays.

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