The Eternal Secret: A Doc Fury Adventure (1990)

Nif ProductionsNif Productions released The Eternal Secret: A Doc Fury Adventure to public-access television in Albuquerque, NM in 1990. Steve Niforos directed the film which starred Jon Paul Golden, Jim Rivera, Tom Morgan, Barbara Hoffmann, Daniel Chavez, Janelle Gennaro, Donald Griggs, Christine Evans, Rees Van Gorder, and Steve Niforos.

‘The Eternal Secret: A Doc Fury Adventure’ Synopsis

In The Eternal Secret: A Doc Fury Adventure, is Doc’s stubborn insistence on having a vacation like an “ordinary” person costing human lives? People are disappearing around the town of Ambrose. Are the town’s people cannibals, or are they up to something more sinister? Will Doc do nothing and allow their secret to remain eternally?

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