The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)

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In the distant year of 2010, Dr. Moreau has successfully combined human and animal DNA to make a crossbreed animal. Unfortunately, something goes wrong, and David Thewlis must now try to stop it before it is too late.

‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)Edward Douglas is a U.N. negotiator in 2010. His plane crashes in the Java Sea, but he is rescued. Montgomery, one of his rescuers, tends to Douglas’ injuries. They promise to take Douglas to Timor, but end up taking him to Moreau’s Island.

A jeep takes them to the island’s Main House, and they warn Douglas not to wander too far. Douglas sits tight, but soon meets Moreau’s daughter named Aissa. Montgomery sends Douglas to his room, and locks him in, but Douglas escapes.

When the natives spot him witnessing a mutant baby’s birth, he flees…right into the arms of Aissa. She takes him to a village of mutants where he meets the Sayer of the Law. There, Dr. Moreau appears. We learn he controls the mutants with a remote control that causes them pain when he wants via implants under their skin. Moreau uses this remote to force the mutants to hand over Douglas.

Dr. Moreau proudly introduces his family of hybrid “children,” and then he hosts a dinner party. During the party, he explains his intentions to create life by fusing human genes with animals; the way God intended. Douglas again tries to leave the island; this time via boat, but it’s infested with rats which force him to give up.

During a trial, Azazello kills Lo-Mai, this leopard hybrid thing, and they cremate him. They find in his ashes the micro chip which causes them pain.
Shit is about to go down!

The mutants all question who they are, and the island law they have been under for a lifetime. They chant, “No more pain, No more law,” and a battle ensues. The kill Dr. Moreau including the sacrifice of the father.

Azazello leads a machine gun rebellion as Montgomery goes mad. Douglas finds a medical file with his name on it, and discovers Dr. Moreau’s plans to use his DNA on Aissa.

In all the madness, the mutants kill Montgomery, Aissa, and Azazello, and the inmates take over the zoo. The Sayer of the Law finally restores calm; stating they are who they are; no more science!

Final narration seems to be a political statement on global anarchy. Douglas leaves the island on a smaller, less stable raft than he was discovered on, and states that he goes in fear.

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New Line Cinema released The Island of Dr. Moreau on August 23, 1996. John Frankenheimer directed the film starring David Thewlis, Marlon Brando, and Val Kilmer.

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