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The Thin Man (1934)

Episode #112

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer released The Thin Man to theaters on May 25, 1934. W. S. Van Dyke directed the film which starred William Powell, Myrna Loy, and Maureen O’Sullivan.

‘The Thin Man’ Movie Summary

Back in the Hollywood’s Pre-Code era, functional alcoholism was the key to comedy gold, and ‘The Thin Man’ lead, William Powell, delivered an excellent drunk. Powell plays Nick Charles, a detective looking to leave the business once and for all, and settle down with his equally alcoholic, but extremely delightful socialite-wife, Nora.

When the two lovebirds visit New York City for Christmas, Dorothy Wynant seeks out Nick, and compels him to investigate the whereabouts of her father, Clyde, who mysteriously vanished on a super secret business trip.

Dorothy, Nora, and even the local police convince Nick to take the case. What starts out as a missing person’s case soon turns into murder, mystery, and intrigue…along with more drinking.

Finally, Nick invites all the suspects to a dinner party where he slowly recounts everything that has happened. Although Nick isn’t 100% sure who the killer is, he knows the killer will eventually reveal himself in the end…which he does as he tries to shoot another suspect. The police get their man. Nick gets his drink, and Nora gets a train ride to pound town.


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