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This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

Episode #31

Embassy Pictures released This Is Spinal Tap to theaters on March 2, 1984. Rob Reiner directed the film starring Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, and Christopher Guest.

‘This Is Spinal Tap’ Plot Synopsis

Get ready to turn it up to 11, ladies. The world’s loudest band is rocking this Lunchtime Movie Review. The British group, Spinal Tap, is on their 1982 tour of the United States and Marty DiBergi wants their exclusive story. He collects many interviews with band members and intersperses footage of their escapades from over the years.

Laugh along as concert dates get cancelled, manager problems arise and retailers censor their new album. Are there bad ass 80s costumes you might ask? Hell yeah there are! There was once Oscar talk about the movie’s elaborate costumes by my third cousin Jamie. Not only that, this movie caused Stonehenge’s tourist industry to take off after it was featured in a classic scene.

Like all great bands though, the movie ends up in Japan. They love our occidental outcasts and we love their oriental yen. Sounds like a win win to me. So, run and grab your hot coco because you are not going to want to miss our review of the greatest rock band never to exist…This is Spinal Tap!

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Embassy Pictures released This Is Spinal Tap to theaters on March 2, 1984. Rob Reiner directs the film which stars Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, and Christopher Guest.

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12 years ago

Funny episode and a great use of the clips from the film. But you should have had more from Tony Hendra!! Without a doubt, the funniest scene was the “Fuck the napkin!!” scene. Can there be any debate?

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