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Time Bandits (1981)

Episode #87

Embassy Pictures released Time Bandits to theaters on November 6, 1981. Terry Gilliam directed film starring Sean Connery, Shelley Duvall, and John Cleese.

Time Bandits Movie Summary

In the 1981 world of Great Britain, people prize the latest and greatest gadgets more than family interaction. We meet Kevin – an eleven-year old boy who is a huge fan of all things history, especially Ancient Greece.

One night, a knight in shining armor awakens Kevin in his bedroom, and runs off into a forest. Intrigued by this bit of fun, Kevin asks to go to bed early the next night in hopes of something else happening. This time, a group of sexy dwarves invade his room.

The guys spook themselves when they mistake Kevin’s flashlight for the aura of the All Mighty himself; whom they are running from, because they stole his precious map in hopes of stealing from the richest people in history. They relax a bit when they realize their mistake, and the person at the end of the light is a young boy. They then push one of the walls to Kevin’s room down a long corridor. The Supreme Being appears and takes chase. The corridor ends, and the guys, along with Kevin, fall into the black depths of time and space.

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