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Titan A.E. (2000)

Episode #35

Twentieth Century Fox released Titan A.E. to theaters on June 16, 2000. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman directed the film starring Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, and Bill Pullman.

‘Titan A.E.’ Movie Summary

The year is 3028. Humanity has mastered Star Wars like hyperspace, and begun mingling with alien species. When a pure energy race named the Drej finds out about the humanity, they feel threatened, and set out to wipe us out.

They succeed, and they destroy the Earth as quick as you can say Alderaan.

During their final attack on the planet, Professor Tucker manages to send his son, Cale, off on an evacuation ship, and he gives Cale his ring as he says goodby. The Professor leaves separately aboard a top secret ship named Titan A.E. to an undisclosed location.

15 years pass, and the surviving humans roam space as nomads. Cale, now a jaded teen, works a salvage yard in the asteroid belt Tau 14. One day, fellow human, Joseph Korso, captain of the spaceship Valkyrie, pays Cale a visit so he can fulfill his destiny, and save humanity. You see, the ring Professor Tucker gave Cale is part of a genetically coded map only visible when Tucker or Cale wears the ring.

The Drej show up to Tau 14, and try to kill Cale. He escapes aboard the Valkyrie with Korso and his crew made up of: Akima, Preed, Gune, and Stith. While this team comprises various alien species, Akima is a lonely human as well, and her love box springs open quicker than a jack-in-the-box popping its weasel when she catches a glimpse of Cale.

Off the crew goes to find Titan A.E., and Cale’s father (spoiler alert: he dead).

Along the way, the Drej capture Cale and Akima. Korso betrays Cale. Preed betrays Korso and Cale in a double cross. Korso redeems himself. Cale and Akima fall in love. Many, many weasels are popped, and Titan A.E. creates a new Earth à la The Wrath of Khan; destroying the Drej in the process for a happily ever after.

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Twentieth Century Fox released Titan A.E. to theaters on June 16, 2000. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman directed the film starring Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, and Bill Pullman.

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