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Up (2009)Carl and Ellie meet as children in 2009’s Up. They bond over their love of adventure, Explorer Charles Muntz, and Paradise Falls in South America. Their idol, Charles Muntz disappears during a trip to Paradise Falls in his blimp.

Carl and Ellie grow up and get married. They have a quiet and happy life together. They collect money in a savings jar to someday fulfill their dream of getting to Paradise Falls. Unfortunately, life throws curve balls at their dream and the money is always needed for something other than Paradise Falls. Ellie dies before Carl in a heartbreaking sequence. Without Ellie, Carl is a cranky old man who wants to be left alone in his home full of Ellie memories.

A company offers to buy Carl’s home but he refuses. A mishap leads to Carl being sentenced to live in a retirement home. Carl refuses to leave he and Ellie’s home. He hatches a plan to use thousands of balloons to carry the home to Paradise Falls in South America. When Carl puts his dream into action he has a stowaway. The unwelcomed travel companion is Russell, a do-good Boy-Scout like Wilderness Explorer. Russell has been trying desperately to help Carl and is unwittingly carried along for the ride.

Carl and Russell eventually bond and find adventure and mayhem in South America. They meet a hilarious talking dog named Dug and a strange bird named Kevin. Carl also finds his childhood hero Charles Muntz, only to be disappointed by his character.

Up stars the voices of Ed Asner as Carl, Jordan Nagal as Russell, and Christopher Plummer as Charles Muntz. It was directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson with an amazing score that was composed by Michael Giacchino.

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