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What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

Episode #105

Warner Bros released What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? on October 31, 1962. Robert Aldrich directed the film staring Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Victor Buono.

‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?’ Movie Summary

Two aging sisters, Blanche and Jane, share a large house, but they can not stand each other. While Jane was once a movie star as a child, Blanche is a star of the silver screen as an adult. Jane’s career ended when she lost her little girl looks, and her alcoholism didn’t help. Blanche’s career came to a screeching halt when an automobile accident rendered her paralyzed from the waist down. She and Jane were blackout drunk at the time. Now, Jane must look after Blanche in the house, but she does it begrudgingly. From pent up bitterness at her own film career ending, to envy from Blanche’s money and success, Jane goes out of her way to torment her sister.

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Warner Bros released What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? on October 31, 1962. Robert Aldrich directed the film staring Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Victor Buono.

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  1. Great podcast. Interesting that 4 films have been reviewed from 1962 so far. Is that the most for any year so far? Will there be any more Bette Davis films in the top 100? all about Eve is certainly worthy. Also, I don’t see a concessions film listed in the schedule for sept on the home page.

    1. I’m a bit surprised about 1962 as well…if you’d ask me, I’d think it would have been 82, 84, or 87.

      IDK if any more will be on movie house memories, but most certainly on the Golden Age.

      And Concessions was supposed to be Donnie Darko this month, but I somehow didn’t save the recording and we didn’t get around to re-recording it! :/

      But we aren’t going to do any new episodes of Concessions and the #2 review for a while. 9 – 10 recordings a month is really burning me out. So, we are going to concentrate on MHM, Sunday Seconds, & LTMR. The Golden Age and #2 Review we will do 1 every few months starting in November I believe

        1. It is, but I may feel different in a year, and be ready to start the shows back up on a more regular basis. We have been doing these since 2011, and cut back before.

          1. Are you a fan of Kiss Me Deadly, Chris? One of the more violent noirs of its time. Probably Aldrichs 2nd most famous film after Baby Jane.

          2. Yes, that’s another great one!! I can’t remember now, but I might have seen it before Baby Jane.

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