You Only Live Twice (1967)

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In You Only Live Twice, a mysterious rocket ship snatches a manned space mission from Earth’s orbit. As suspicions mount around the world, the planet finds itself at the brink of war. Their only hope rests with James Bond as races against the clock to stop the mastermind of the theft—Ernst Blofeld—who is hell-bent on instigating global warfare from his secret volcano lair. Along the way, Bond joins forces with a Japanese Agent named Kissy Suzuki. The two, plus a small army of Ninja warriors, gather for one climatic battle at Blofeld’s base to prevent a calamitous world war.

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‘You Only Live Twice’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
You Only Live Twice (1967)A giant claw game plucks an American space shuttle out of the sky for some reason. The Americans suspect the Russians, however, the Brits suspect the Japanese. They send Bond to Japan to investigate, but first he fakes his death. He tastes some Chinese Kung Pao Booty in a hotel room, and eats it.

The Brits resurrect Bond as Bond. He meets the head of the Japanese secret service, aided by Aki, a Japanese spy. The Japanese point Bond in the direction of a ship, the Ning-Po, which has a connection to the space hijinks.

Bond suspects Osato chemicals of being up to no good. In fact, they produce rocket fuel for some shady types. At the dock where Osato delivers fuel, the crew of the Ning-Po captures Bond. Soon afterward, he awakes, tied to a chair in front of a sexy redhead, Helga Brandt.

Instead of killing Bond, Brandt schtoops him, and takes him on her plane. And instead of flying her plane, she traps Bond by putting his seatback tray in the open position. This lock Bond in the seat, and Helga jumps out the window. Of course, Bond survives.

After a fight in a tiny helicopter, Bond discovers that the rockets are coming from beneath a dormant volcano. It has a tarp over it so nobody notices. Bond does what must be done. He gets a racist spray tan and a Japanese wife. Then, he infiltrates the crater with an army of ninjas.

Inside the crater, Bond learns that SPECTRE is in fact the group with the space-aged claw game. They plot to capture another American space probe, disguised as a Russian claw game. Bond stops them in the nick of time, but Blofeld, the leader over at SPECTRE escapes.

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