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Blood Alley (1955)

Episode #34

Warner Bros released Blood Alley to theaters on October 1, 1955. William A. Wellman directed the film starring John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, and Paul Fix.

‘Blood Alley’ Movie Summary

Locked inside a Communist Chinese prison, Merchant American Marine Tom Wilder talks to his imaginary friend, Baby, to keep his sanity. A friendly stranger offers him a random means of escape, and he takes Wilder, with the assistance of fellow American Cathy Grainger, to a small seaside village to lay low.

Communists detained her father who’s a doctor because they need Western medical experts. Tom learns the villagers chose him because, as a sea captain, he’s able to help the villagers escape to Hong Kong down the 300 mile Formosa Straight (aka Blood Alley) with only a rundown ferry boat.

Along the way, they encounter the Red Army and extreme weather conditions. Cathy leaves the boat to confirm news that her Father has died; much to her dismay. Tom rescues her during a gunship attack which begins at the same time they banish an elder with mutiny aspirations. They kill him as the surprise attack begins.

The group escapes the battleship onslaught; drifting into nearby reeds, and hiding out from impending doom. Tom guides the paddle boat into Hong Kong harbor; declaring he wants to be with Cathy, and he says goodbye to BABY once and for all.

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Warner Bros released Blood Alley to theaters on October 1, 1955. William A. Wellman directs the film which stars John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, and Paul Fix.

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