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Sunday Seconds with the Duke

Rio Bravo (1959)

Episode #1

Warner Bros released Rio Bravo to theaters on April 4, 1959. Howard Hawks directed film which starred John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Ricky Nelson.

‘Rio Bravo’ Movie Summary

Rio Bravo begins with local Borrachón, Dude, stumbles into a surly saloon in Rio Bravo, Texas. He gets into a fight with Joe Burdette; the worthless brother of a big time cattle rancher named Nathan. During the altercation, Dude knocks out Sheriff John Chance, and Joe begins punching Dude. When a man tries to stop the fight between the two, Joe shoots him dead.

After Chance comes to, he goes to the saloon next door to arrest Joe for murder. As he’s doing this, one of Joe’s buddies pulls a gun on Chance, but Dude shoots it out of his hand. Chance deputizes Dude on the condition that he stays sober. They take Joe straight to jail until the U.S. Marshal can arrive.

Once at the jail, Stumpy, who holds a grudge against Joe’s brother, Nathan, guards Joe. However, Joe warns Chance and Stumpy that his brother won’t take too kindly to his capture, but the men don’t cave into his threat.

Meanwhile, a sexy woman named Feathers comes to town and rents a room at the hotel. The hotel owner, Carlos, is up in arms that Sheriff Chance’s friend, Pat Wheeler, is talking too much about the sheriff needing help. Chance finds Wheeler at the saloon, and asks him to shut his yapper. Wheeler offers one of his own henchmen, Colorado, as help, but Colorado just wants to mind his own business.

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Warner Bros released Rio Bravo to theaters on April 4, 1959. Howard Hawks directed film which starred John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Ricky Nelson.

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