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Elf (2003) Spreads Cheer on Blu-ray

On October 28, 2008, Warner Home Video released Elf on Blu-ray. Jon Favreau directed the film starring Will Ferrell, James…

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Up (2009) Movie Review

Disney/PIXAR released Up to theaters on May 29, 2009. Pete Docter directed the film which starred Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai,…

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Symbolism and Hidden Meanings in 2009’s Up

2009's Up is full of symbolism and hidden meanings. Here's a few we have found. What have we missed?

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Up (2009) Floats on over to Blu-ray

On September 10, 2019, Disney/PIXAR is re-releasing Up on Blu-ray. Pete Docter directed the film which starred Edward Asner, Jordan…

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Up (2009) Summary

Up begins in the 1930s where we meet a shy eight-year-old named Carl Fredricksen.

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Elf (2003)

New Line Cinema released Cahill: United States Marshal to theaters on November 7, 2003. Jon Favreau directs the film which…

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Elf (2003) Movie Synopsis

Elf begins on Christmas Eve with Santa making his rounds.

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