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The High and the Mighty (1954)

Episode #41

Warner Bros released The High and the Mighty to theaters on July 3, 1954. William A. Wellman directed the film starring John Wayne, Claire Trevor, and Laraine Day.

‘The High and the Mighty’ Movie Summary

The High and the Mighty starts in Honolulu, Hawaii where a DC-4 prepares to take off for San Francisco with 17 passengers aboard.

The crew of five is comprised of Captain John Sullivan, who secretly fears the responsibility of keeping passengers and his crew safe while in the air. The plane’s first officer, Dan Roman, still has trouble from a crash that killed his wife and son and left him with a permanent limp. There’s also a wet-behind-the-ears second officer named Hobie Wheeler, a veteran navigator Lenny Wilby, and a stewardess named Miss Spalding.

The passengers have their troubles too. May Holst is a cynical former actress. Lydia Rice is a rich heiress in a loveless marriage. Sally McKee is a past-her-prime ex-beauty queen. Also on board is a happy vacationer named Ed Joseph, the terminally ill Frank Briscoe, and a last minute arrival named Humphrey Agnew whose odd behavior concerns the crew.

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Warner Bros released The High and the Mighty to theaters on July 3, 1954. William A. Wellman directs the film which stars John Wayne, Claire Trevor, and Laraine Day.

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  1. I agree about how unusual it seems now regarding security issues given we’re living in a post 9/11 world. I can tell you an experience I had in 1982 going to a movie in London where my handbag (purse) was checked for bombs/weapons before going in. It was at the time when the IRA was bombing venues in the UK – so there you go – it was very surreal for an Australian where we lived in ignorant bliss!

    1. I find it interesting to watch any film pre 9/11 where you see airport security, and only then do you realize how much it’s changed here; not sure about how much it changed there for you all.

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