Lunchtime Movie Review

The Shining (1980) Part One

Episode #13

Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
Starring: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd

The Shining Movie Synopsis

The master of verbal diarrhea, Stephen King teams up with Stanley Kubrick, to take us on a long and winding road up the Colorado Rockies, far from Chinatown, where a tormented Jack Torrance, played by a very young Christian Slater, approaches the Overlook Hotel for an interview as its winter caretaker. It’s a job that will allow him plenty of time to write and maybe draw up a few sinister plans to rid the world of Batman forever. During the interview, the hotel manager tells Jack of a previous caretaker who came down with a terrible case of cabin fever and chopped up his family into tiny cubes quicker than an Iron Chef, and then pulled a Kurt Cobain on himself across the bedroom floor.

This doesn’t deter Jack and he takes the job, but back home, his son, Danny, is afraid to go with him. Danny has learned from his mystical finger, Tony, played by the Thing from the Aadams Family, that there is something sinister at the hotel. Danny freaks out and when his mother, Wendy, played by Popeye’s Olive Oyl, can’t calm him down with a stirring rendition of the song, “He’s Large,” she calls a doctor for help. The doctor is not terribly concerned when she learns that Jack has given up alcohol after a night of drinking caused him to dislocate Danny’s arm. Instead, she recommends two Anicin and call her in the morning …

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