Lunchtime Movie Review

Tremors (1990)

Episode #18

Directed by: Ron Underwood
Starring: Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, and Finn Carter

Tremors Movie Synopsis

Val and Earl are two handymen who work in the town that time forgot, Perfection, Nevada; a town that was ironically named by its founding fathers. The fourteen residents are made up of out of work television actors, out of work country singers, out of work Asian actors, and Kevin Bacon, who is so obsessed with eliminating degrees of separation, he did this film.

Val and Earl are always looking to get rich quick and are tiring of their hand-to-mouth existence of digging trenches, moving trash, and literally, taking care of other people’s shit. (Pardon my French.) Apparently, this was not the life that was promised them in the brochure. One afternoon, after taking a hot shit shower, they attempt to make their escape to Bixby, the nearest town.

Along the way they discover a man dead at the top of an electrical tower. Val and Earl take the dead geezer to the town doctor, who lives nowhere near the town. They about shit themselves (pardon my French), when the doctor, announces that the man died of dehydration. After the slight delay, Val and Earl start off for Bixby for a second time, but once again, are stopped when they discover Old Fred and his flock of sheep brutally murdered.

Instead of high tailing it out of there, the two bumbling retards head back to Perfection, believing that a murderer is on the loose. Begging the question, isn’t there a better way to avoid being killed than staying in the area where the serial killer is hunting?

Meanwhile, our unseen subterranean killer offs the good doctor and his wife, and a couple of construction workers, effectively closing off Perfection from the 20th Century literally as well as figuratively. The residents of Perfection soon find out that the phones are dead and send Val and Earl off to Bixby again.

When they can’t get past a rockslide created during the death of the construction workers, Val and Earl return to Perfection along with a large snakelike creature wrapped around their axle. The residents of Perfection are as clever as the writers of this film and call the creatures “Graboids” …

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