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True Grit (1969)In True Grit, Mattie Ross (played by Kim Darby) is an amazing young woman. When her Father is killed in cold blood by one of his employees, Tom Chaney, she bravely marches into town to claim his body and belongings.

Mattie expresses her grief by going after the low life that killed her Father. She hires Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne) a Marshall with “true grit” to help her find Chaney and the gang he is associating with. Chaney is bunking with Ned Pepper (Robert Duval)and his hoodlums. They are joined by a Texan named La Beouf (Glen Campell), who is also after the nefarious Chaney.

The three personalities clash but they actually make a great team. They catch up with the outlaws where Mattie is able to look Tom Chaney in the eye. She manages to wound him before being grabbed by Ned Pepper. Ned orders Rooster and La Beouf to retreat. Mattie is left with Chaney but is saved by La Beouf. Meanwhile, Rooster takes out three of Ned’s goons and wounds Ned. La Beouf then shoots Ned before he can kill Rooster.

Unfortunately, Chaney escapes and hits La Beouf over the head with a big rock. Mattie shoots him again and falls into a pit of snakes. Chaney finally meets his end when Rooster takes him out once and for all. Rooster does not find it easy to rescue Mattie from the snake pit. She is bitten by a rattler and Rooster is unable to get her out. In rides La Beouf in the last heroic act of his life as he uses a horse and a rope to get Mattie and Rooster out of the pit before dying.

Mattie survives and returns to her ranch to heal. Rooster visits her and Mattie shows him her family cemetery and invites Rooster to make his final resting place as a symbol of the bond they have formed. Rooster laughs and rides off calling, “Come and see a fat old man sometime!”

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