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  • Movie House Concessions300 (2006)

    300 (2006)

    Warner Bros. released 300 on March 9, 2007. Zack Snyder directed the film starring Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, and David Wenham.

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  • SummariesArthur Christmas (2011)

    Arthur Christmas (2011)

    On Christmas Eve, Santa and his massive staff of elves helm the command center of Santa’s mile-wide air vehicle, the S-1. The high-tech aircraft allows Santa to deliver his presents around the world in one night.

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  • MHM Mart300 (2006)

    300 (2006) Doubles Down on 4K Blu-Ray

    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment released 300 to Blu-ray on October 6, 2020. Zack Snyder directed the film starring Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, and David Wenham.

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  • Summaries300 (2006)

    300 (2006)

    Film and Plot Synopsis King Xerxes of Persia amasses an army of hundreds of thousands for the purpose of invading and conquering Greece in 481 B.C. However, when the advancing Persian forces enter the treacherous mountain pass of Thermopylae, they encounter Spartan King Leonidas and his royal guard of soldiers numbering just 300. According to legend, their valor and sacrifice inspired all of Greece to unite against the Persian foe, planting the seeds of democracy and ushering in the Golden Age of Greece. Buy the Film *As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. ‘300’ Movie Summary In 479 B.C., one year after the famous Battle of Thermopylae, Dilios (David Wenham), a Spartan soldier, tells other soldiers the story of the life of Leonidas I (Tyler Neitzel), from his first heroic account of killing a dangerous wolf with his bare hands as a child to his rise to kingship via the Spartan doctrine. As an adult, Leonidas (Gerard Butler) is visited by a Persian envoy (Peter Mensah) who demands earth and water as a token of submission to the rule of the mighty King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro). Leonidas responds by kicking the envoy into a bottomless pit and orders …

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  • MHM MartChicago (2002)

    Chicago (2002) Roars on Blu-Ray

    Miramax Home Entertainment released Chicago to Blu-ray on September 22, 2020. Rob Marshall directed the film starring Renée Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Richard Gere.

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  • SummariesChicago (2002)

    Chicago (2002)

    In 1924, the city of Chicago is in the middle of the Prohibition era. Famous singer Velma Kelly performs “All That Jazz” at a Chicago theater after murdering her husband Charlie and her sister Veronica when she finds them in bed together.

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  • MHM MartArthur Christmas (2011)

    Arthur Christmas (2011) Delivers Presents on Blu-Ray

    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released Arthur Christmas to Blu-ray on November 6, 2012. Sarah Smith and Barry Cook directed the film starring James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent, and Bill Nighy.

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  • SummariesMoney Monster (2016)

    Money Monster (2016)

    Lee Gates is a flamboyant television personality who hosts the popular financial investment show Money Monster.

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  • MHM MartMoney Monster (2016)

    Money Monster (2016) invests in Blu-ray

    On September 6, 2016, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released Money Monster on Blu-ray. Jodie Foster directed the film starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jack O’Connell.

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