Jonathan Pryce

Brazil (1985) Movie Summary

he lowly and passive government employee, Sam Lowry, living in a dystopian future, descends deeper and deeper into insanity as…

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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Movie Synopsis

Tomorrow Never Dies begins with James Bond spying on an arms bazaar. He narrowly escapes before a naval missile destroys…

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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

MGM released Tomorrow Never Dies in theaters on December 19, 1997; grossing $339.5M worldwide. Roger Spottiswoode directed the film which…

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Brazil (1985)

Universal Pictures released Brazil to theaters on December 18, 1985. Terry Gilliam directs the film which stars Jonathan Pryce, Kim…

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Jumpin’ Jack Flash (1986) Leaps Onto Blu-ray This May

Anchor Bay has announced that they are releasing 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's Jumpin' Jack Flash onto Blu-ray this May.

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G.I. Joe Retaliation (2013)

If G.I. Joe: Retaliation isn't the worst movie ever made, it's certainly not for a lack of trying. This is…

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