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Madeline Kahn


Blazing Saddles (1974) Summary

Blazing Saddles takes place in 1874 somewhere in the Old American West.

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Mixed Nuts (1994) Film Summary

It’s Christmas Eve in sunny California. Felix has been out of jail for seven months, but his wife, Gracie, is…

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Young Frankenstein (1974) Film Synopsis

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, pronounced frahn-ken-steen, grandson of the Frankenstein of monster fame, renounces his grandfather’s work and pursues a career…

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The Number Two Review

Mixed Nuts (1994)

Mixed Nuts hit theaters on December 21, 1994, and grossed $6.7M worldwide. Nora Ephron directs the Christmas comedy starring: Steve…

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Movie House Memories

Young Frankenstein (1974)

20th Century Fox released Young Frankenstein to theaters on December 15, 1974; grossing $86.3 million worldwide. Mel Brooks directed the…

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At Long Last Love (1975) At Long Last On Blu-ray

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has officially announced and detailed the upcoming Blu-ray release of At Long Last Love .

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