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Slap Shot (1977) Movie Summary

The Charlestown Chiefs is a minor league hockey team in need of an attendance boost for an upcoming game against…

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Lunchtime Movie Review

Slap Shot (1977)

Universal Pictures released Slap Shot to theaters on February 25, 1977. George Roy Hill directed the film starring Paul Newman,…

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Sunday Seconds with the Duke

True Grit (1969)

Paramount Pictures released True Grit to theaters on June 21, 1969. Henry Hathaway directs the film which stars John Wayne,…

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Movie House Memories

Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Warner Bros released Cool Hand Luke to theaters on November 1, 1967. Stuart Rosenberg directs the film which stars Paul…

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Cool Hand Luke (1967) Movie Synopsis

Luke likes cutting the heads off of parking meters. Luke doesn’t like going to prison. This becomes a problem when…

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