• La La Land (2016)

    La La Land (2016)

    La La Land begins like most days do in Los Angeles; stuck…

  • Zapped! (1982)

    Zapped! (1982)

    Embassy Pictures released Zapped! to theaters on March 7, 1986. Robert J.…

  • WarGames (1983)

    WarGames (1983)

    United Artists released WarGames to theaters on June 3, 1983. John Badham…

  • Pretty Woman (1990)

    Pretty Woman (1990)

    Touchstone Pictures released Pretty Woman to theaters on March 23, 1990. Garry…

  • Teen Wolf (1985)

    Teen Wolf (1985)

    Atlantic Releasing Corporation released Teen Wolf on August 23, 1985. Rod Daniel…

  • Working Girl (1988)

    Working Girl (1988)

    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation released Working Girl to theaters on December…

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